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RightsTrade FAQs

You've got questions. We've got answers.


Whether you are looking to buy or sell content, RightsTrade connects thousands of buyers and sellers in the largest online marketplace for film and TV rights

RightsTrade for Buyers & Sellers


Streamline your acquisitions process by accessing the RightsTrade Market on Demand™ to search, screen, and acquire titles, anywhere, anytime.


Register your company profile to search, screen and license content distribution rights in the RightsTrade Market On Demand™

To complete registration, indicate your company’s buying activities and regions. Once your company is vetted, you will be able to request screenings and access availability information for your approved territories from sales companies and content owners.


Explore RightsTrade's database of thousands of titles and find availabilities.

Search film and TV projects by title, date, genre, country, sales agent and year of release. You can also maintain tracking lists for titles of interest. Our revolutionary application RightSearch™ allows you to search titles according to their availability by type of rights, territories and timeframe.


Request screeners for thousands of titles from content owners and sales companies, anywhere, anytime, from nearly any browser or mobile device.

You will also receive screening invites from content owners and sales companies so you can access their available titles and you will be able to keep track of your screening activity and take notes on titles of interest.


Streamline your acquisition process from advanced searches to licensing distribution rights

You can currently track your titles of interest and manage your screening activity. Revolutionary features of our Market on Demand™ will soon allow you to search for available rights and to negotiate and license distribution rights.


The RightsTrade Market on Demand™ is a next-generation sales platform that provides you with innovative ways to promote your titles, reach out to thousands of vetted industry buyers and track leads with analytics on buyer activity.


List your titles in the RightsTrade Market on Demand™ to reach out to a growing community of thousands of buyers and generate leads.

Our revolutionary technology RightSearch™ allows you to get your available rights in front of vetted buyers.

Simply provide us with your files and we will transcode and upload all your assets for you. You will also be able to migrate and sync your content metadata to our platform. For FilmTrack clients, this process can actually be done in a day.


Invite buyers to your secure screening room and monitor who watches your titles.

Sending personalized screener invitations to your own contacts and to the thousands of vetted content buyers registered at RightsTrade is fast and simple: Select title(s) to send, set your security preferences, select an individual or group from your contacts, and send. You will also receive screener requests from vetted content buyers.


List and promote your titles to thousands of international distributors and close deals faster than ever before using our Deal Wizard.

Respond to inquiries from our community of vetted industry buyers, negotiate agreement terms and e-sign licensing deals in a fraction of the time.

No commissions -
keep 100% of your sales!


Leverage market

insights and join data-driven promotional campaigns

Gain exclusive access to content licensing trends based on millions of data points from the largest film & TV marketplace.


Showcase your titles to buyers specifically interested in your type of content.



Industry Executives


Film & TV Titles


Trust & Security
Brian Beckmann
 Chief Financial Officer of Arclight Films

"It’s rare that I feel able to recommend a product unreservedly and RightsTrade is that killer product. It provides a level of security, flexibility, and ease of use that is unparalleled, and sets the bar for the entire industry."



As the largest online marketplace for film and TV rights, RightsTrade understands that film sellers and buyers need a trusted platform to promote, screen and license premium content all year round. A wide global community of industry executives trust RightsTrade to help them showcase their content, generate sales conversations and close deals online in a matter of clicks.


Industry Executives


Film & TV Titles


Secure Screenings


Buyer Seller Connections

Industry vetted community

Trust and reliability are key features of RightsTrade. We carefully vet each company that participates in our marketplace so you can be sure that you are dealing with trusted industry professionals.

Secure content

We also understand the importance of protecting the content screened on RightsTrade. Each screener offers options to enable advanced security measures including personalized watermarking, time/device limits and IP targeting. Detailed analytics reports are available providing detailed information on each screener view, allowing for targeted followup.

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